Consultant Clinical Oncologist


Dr Esme Hill

Consultant in Reading Since 2015

Where qualified

I graduated from Birmingham University, also completing an Intercalated BSc in the History of Medicine at University College London before training as physician in the West Midlands. Once I decided to specialise in Oncology I completed my training at the Royal Free Hospital and then as a Specialist Registrar in Clinical Oncology on the Oxford Clinical Oncology training scheme.

Clinical Involvement

I have extensive experience in the management of acutely unwell cancer patients, with a weekly session dedicated to “Acute Oncology”. I am the malignant spinal cord compression clinical lead at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. I am also an Educational Supervisor to Core Medical trainees.

I am a core member of the Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Teams and Cancer of Unknown Primary Multi-Disciplinary Teams at both the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading and Wexham Park Hospital, Slough. I attend the Oxford Oesophago-gastric and Hepato-biliary Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings on a weekly basis via video-conference and have a strong working relationship with the Oxford teams.

Research work

I completed an original research project for my MSC in Oncology on the role of PET-CT in the pre-operative staging of gastric cancer.

I spent 3 years as a Clinical Research Fellow at the Gray Institute of Radiation Oncology and Biology, the University of Oxford, undertaking independent research towards a higher research qualification (DPhil) in Radiobiology. The clinical element of the research explored the role of imaging to measure tumour vascular parameters in response to radiotherapy given before or alongside radio-sensitising drugs in the context of two radiotherapy clinical trials in colorectal cancer. I was also involved in recruitment and trial management for the ARCII trial, a Phase II trial evaluating the addition of a radiosensitiser called Nelfinavir to chemo-radiotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer.

I have been involved in recruitment to numerous national trials. I am currently a co-investigator for the ADD-ASPIRIN trial, which is recruiting patients with resected gastro-oesophageal cancer at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. I am in the process of setting up the SCOPE-2 trial (a Study of Chemo-radiotherapy in Oesophageal Cancer with PET-CT and dose escalation) as Principal Investigator at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. I am also the Principal Investigator for a commercial study comparing second-line chemotherapy with immunotherapy for oesophageal cancer.


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Book chapters:

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Royal College of Radiologists Ross Prize for best proffered paper at the National Cancer Research Institute Conference in Liverpool (2013).

British Association of Cancer Research Travel Award for high quality abstract submission to the BACR conference (2013).

Oxfordshire Health Services Research Committee Fellowship Grant (awarded 2010)