Consultant Clinical Oncologist


Dr Gelareh Eslamian

Consultant in Reading since 2020

Consultant Medical Oncologist since 2019.

Where Qualified

Babol University, Iran.

Qualification and Medical training

I acquired my Medical degree from Babol University in Iran; continued my Foundation years and Medical training in Peninsula deanery Devon and completed my Medical oncology training in Wessex, South Yorkshire (Weston Park Hospital), London (Guys and St Thomas, St Georges Hospitals) and Kent deaneries.

Clinical Involvement

I specialise in treatment of breast, oesophagus, gastric and pancreato-biliary cancers with main focus and passion on treating breast cancer.  I would encourage active participation in clinical trials and aim to provide the latest available cancer treatment to my patients. I have extensive experience in systemic anti-cancer therapies including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, monoclonal antibodies and endocrine treatments.

I am a core member of Windsor breast Multi-Disciplinary Team and Royal Berkshire UGI MDT.  I have extensive experience in treating acutely unwell cancer patients and have a dedicated weekly ward round to Acute Oncology.

I am the chemotherapy lead for Berkshire Cancer Centre and chair of chemotherapy steering Group.

I also interested in Medical Education and Clinical supervisor for medical trainees.

Research and Publications

PEAR Study “243P UK experience of management of pregnancy associated breast cancer”: A national retrospective review of UK practice.  ANNALS of ONCOLOGY, published September 2020.

Poster presentation of PEAR Study “UK experience of the management of Pregnancy -associated brEast cAnceR: A National retrospective review of UK practice. ESMO 2020, 243P.

Immune checkpoint inhibitor induced large vessel vasculitis, A case report of immune related toxicity post Ipilimumab and Nivolumab, BMJ, Volume 13, Published May 2020.

Poster presentation of “The assessment of Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and fracture risk after three years of adjuvant zoledronic acid in post-menopausal ER+ early breast cancer”. UKBCG, November2019.

Poster presentation” UK practice in management of pregnancy associated breast cancer”. UKBCG November 2018. 
Review article of Eribulin as a novel microtubule targeting agents and its use in breast cancer. “Efficacy of Eribulin in breast cancer, a short report on new emerging data” in OncoTargets and Therapy in February 2017. G. Eslamian, R. Young, C. Wilson.

Poster Presentation “Pertuzumb as part of triple therapy in metastatic HER-2 positive breast cancer”.  London UKBCG November 2017.

Dissertation for final year of MD, a research project with “Effects of soy protein on serum hyperlipidaemia”.  It was a non-randomised clinical trial study on 98 patients; they were divided in two groups: case (diet+soy) and control (diet).  I scored distinction on this research project.

I have been a co-investigator in numerous oncology phase 3 clinical trials and the following breast cancer trials ARTemis, EMILIA, AZURE, D-CARE, MANTA, OLYMPIA, PERESHONE, ROSCO and PALOMA-2.


I have accepted educational sponsorship to attend international oncology meetings.  I have no financial interest in any pharmaceutical company.